Questions and answers about locksmithing blog/chat

Locksmith training in Berlin from the best professional burglars in the German capital.

Here you can ask your questions regarding the profession and training as a locksmith. We try to answer all questions. Please no advertising from other sites or services.


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  1. Welcome to
    Ask your questions about the profession of locksmith.

    We look forward to and thank you in advance for your comments and feedback.

    Team Locksmith.

  2. Avatar von Pepe

    Good evening. When does the next locksmith course start ? Thx

    1. Hallo! We are planning the next course for the second half of October.

      Team Locksmith.

  3. Avatar von 📋 TRANS-ACT


    do you have locksmiths cours in Munich?

    1. HI! We also plan to organize locksmith courses in Munich and Frankfurt in the future. We currently offer locksmith courses exclusively in Berlin.

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